The Perfect Shoelution


Making unused space work for you. StairStore will help transform wasted understairs space into bespoke storage solutions including shoe and coat racks, shelving solutions or display shelving, as part of a staircase renovation project. Renovation projects start from £2,000 and can be completed in as little as 48 hours.

Here’s a must-have idea for every girl who loves their shoes…space, and lots of it to store them in. Thanks to bespoke staircase specialist, James Grace, that under-used space under the stairs can now be turned into the perfect, most convenient, shoe storage solution.

Shoes on the mat and last minute dashes up the stairs to fetch your shoes can now be things of the past with this innovative use of redundant under-stair space. Not only that, the design is so swish, with its smooth running pull- out unit, that it will impress your friends almost as much as the shoes you choose to display there.

However, if shoes aren’t your thing, you can still maximise your under-stair storage space with a range of other ideas including coat racks, shelving solutions and display options to put the 2.3m² of newly discovered space to good use.

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