Storage Hacks to Assist Your Decluttering

Marie Kondo, Japanese decluttering and organising expert, reveals in her popular Netflix documentary – ‘Tidying Up’ – that decluttering in the right way can be life-changing and help create a more serene and inspiring home environment.

Storage Hacks to Assist Your Decluttering

With the pace of today’s hectic lifestyle ever-increasing, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our quality of life by alleviating stress factors. With this expert insight on decluttering, teamed with quality storage solutions, you can soon become the champion of organisation.

Avoid the clutter hotspots

One of the most used and therefore most cluttered spaces in any bedroom is the bedside table – covered with a plethora of glasses, jewellery, skincare, books, mobile phones, lighting, and often an unsightly knot of charging cables.

To target this area, we suggest a smart selection of freestanding bedroom furniture to ensure you get the most out of your storage. The subtle bedside unit from Spaceslide features deep drawers; perfect for keeping all of your possessions close at hand but out of sight.

Invest in flexible systems

Whether it’s for your bedroom or study, there is nothing worse than big, unsightly plastic boxes on display in your home. The Spaceslide made-to-measure interior kits can be used inside a wardrobe to maximise space, or used as a standalone piece of furniture in a study. By ensuring all of your belongings are placed neatly away in its designated home, you’ll be less likely to keep adding clutter to your collection as the year goes on.

Be clever with storage

Hidden storage behind floor-to-ceiling wardrobes is the best tool for maintaining a clutter-free home. In choosing floor-to-ceiling fitted wardrobes, you’ll reclaim space you would otherwise need for hinged doors to open or you can even make use of an awkwardly shaped wall to provide reams of storage space in a neat and tidy way. By concealing everything behind sleek sliding doors, you can create a much more open and uncluttered space to relax in.

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